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all-day Sandy Magrath: Dogs of the South...
Sandy Magrath: Dogs of the South...
May 1 – Jun 30 all-day
Sandy Magrath: Dogs of the Southwest
Inspired by the designs of pottery and blankets of the southwest, Sandy Magrath paints “happy dog art!” Large canvases and bright acrylic paints provide her with the tools she needs to create these works of[...]

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Chisholm Trail 150


Texoma Gives

Texoma Gives – You can be a part of TG!

6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Thursday, September 12, 2019

Texoma Gives is back! This one day fundraiser challenges you to give as little as $25 which can turn into big bucks for the Chisholm Trail Heritage Center. Donations are matched by awesome donors in “prizes” throughout the day. Will your $25 donation to the Heritage Center be matched with $100 or $1,000 or more!? No matter what corner of the world you are in on this one day, you can contribute and make a difference!

In 2018, this happened:

Thank you for contributing to the Chisholm Trail Heritage Center during our 2018 Texoma Gives Campaign. This one day giving event supports nonprofits across southwest Oklahoma and northern Texas and is organized by the Wichita Falls Community Foundation. In total, the day brought in $1,212, 572.87 raised for 189 nonprofits – with 3,370 unique donors.
Imagine what we can accomplish working together!

Some fun facts about 2018 Texoma Gives!

The Chisholm Trail Heritage Center raised $8,420.03 which was matched with a whopping $7,080- in bonus prize money – nearly doubling your gift!

The Chisholm Trail Heritage Center ranked 6th in overall unique donors and ranked #1 in unique donors for smaller budgets. It also ranked 14th overall in total money raised during the online fundraiser.  We plan to participate in the 2019 campaign – so watch our Facebook page for details on this and all our events. We can’t do this without YOU! Thank you!

Your donations on SEPTEMBER 12th, will go farther on that one day then any other time of the year.  We will update this page with more details in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, please visit the Facebook event so you don’t miss out on the fun we plan to have as this event nears.

Look what we accomplished last year! This was because of YOU! Thank you – now let’s do it again this year!


2018 was the Chisholm Trail Heritage Center’s third year to participate in this event.  Hosted by the Wichita Falls Community Foundation and sponsored in part by the Priddy Foundation to encourage more online donations which benefits non-profits like the Heritage Center.

The great thing about donating through Texoma Gives to the Heritage Center is that the dollars we raise are often matched by prize dollars, so your $25 actually results in $50 or even $100 because you donated to us on that ONE DAY!

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