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Chisholm Trail 150


Series #11

Series # 11
Posted on 01/20/2009

The smell of burning hide and hair was part of branding with a hot iron in the past as it is today. Ranchers and farmers alike know that personal identification of their livestock was and is critical to slowing their loses due to thief. An article in Texas Live Stock Journal dated October 14, 1882, reminds us
…Unbranded Stock – By glancing over the estary lists in the JOURNAL it will be seen that a very large number of horses are posted that have indescribable brands, and quite a sprinkling that have never had a branding iron upon them. It is generally supposed that the first lesson learned on coming to Texas is to use a branding iron gracefully, but it seems that many have never learned the art or are too careless to practice it. To allow a horse to get away without a clean and intelligible brand on it is a piece of folly that few stockmen would be guilty of, but should there be such we would remind them that horses with only indescribable brands are in as bad a fix as having none at all; and to let a horse loose without a brand, is to simply give it away in nine cases out of ten…

Bill Benson – Executive Director