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all-day Bison – Ancient. Massive. Wild.
Bison – Ancient. Massive. Wild.
May 24 – Jul 28 all-day
Bison - Ancient. Massive. Wild.
Bison – Ancient. Massive. Wild. Head on down the road to see us! May 24 – July 28, 2019. This nationally touring exhibit explores the significance of the bison from pre-history, to their relationship with[...]

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Chisholm Trail 150


Series #4

Posted on 01/19/2009

Cattle owners are desperate–Texas Fever carried by longhorns crossing into the state of Kansas caused great losses to livestock producers. Something had to be done! As a result, the following notice to drovers appeared in the “Kansas City Live Stock Indicator”.

CALDWELL, KANSAS, May 13, 1883 I herewith hand you a notice to drovers that may be of interest to your readers. The cattle owners of Harper and Barbour counties suffered very heavy losses last year from so-called Texas or Spanish fever imported by the herds of Holiver, Morton and others driven into this state from Arkansas. Some of these cattle were seized by the officer of Barbour county and the owners placed under $10,000 each, and the matter is still in the courts. The enclosed notices have been well posted and distributed throughout the southern portions of the State and Indian Territory, and I assure you it will be made hot for all parties attempting to enter the State with either Texas or Arkansas cattle before Nov. 1st as provided by law. Cattle owners in the above named counties have become desperate over last years losses, and mean business in the future.

Bill Benson – Executive Director