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all-day Sandy Magrath: Dogs of the South...
Sandy Magrath: Dogs of the South...
May 1 – Jun 30 all-day
Sandy Magrath: Dogs of the Southwest
Inspired by the designs of pottery and blankets of the southwest, Sandy Magrath paints “happy dog art!” Large canvases and bright acrylic paints provide her with the tools she needs to create these works of[...]

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They Know Who They Are: Elders of the Chickasaw Nation


They Know Who They Are-Elders of the Chickasaw Nation

Authors: Mike and Martha Larsen

129 pages, Hardback. 2008- Chickasaw Press

Last copy available in our gift shop. No plans to restock.

An artist’s look at the elders of the Chickasaw Nation, They Know Who They Are is by Mike and Martha Larsen of Oklahoma.


In 2004, the artist approached Chickasaw Nation leaders with an idea to interview Chickasaw elders – living sages of his own tribe. He wanted to learn their stories and create a series of paintings while these individuals were still living. His wife, Martha, worked with him on the project and served as photographer. This book is the result of the Larsens’ journey as they connected with the elders and their families.


Featured in this book are: Leerene Frazier, Catherine Willmond, Pearl Carter Scott, Sim Greenwood, Pauline Walker, Charlie Carter, Minnie Shields, Ben and Juanita Nail, Erie Cravatt, Emily Dickerson, Flora Perry, Geraldine Greenwood, and Governor Overton James. Also, Lillie Ward, Jack Ray, Haskell Alexander, Sophie Perry, Underwood Brothers, Dean, Jeannie and Pat (The Three Graces), Robert Greenwood, Larry Hawkins, Hattie Harjo, Suzanne Russell and Marcy and Samuel Alexander.


Larsen is in the Chickasaw Nation Hall of Fame.

This is the last copy in our gift shop.

129 pages, Hardback. 2008 – Chickasaw Press

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