332023 Chisholm Trail Heritage Center Association Board

Responsible for programs, events, classes, and lectures.

Chair: Larry Benson

Vice-Chair: Connor Sager

Treasurer: Barbara Braught

Secretary: Kyndle Lindsey

Members: Rick Duncan, Garrett Nelson, Vicki Davison, and John Bachelor

2023 On the Chisholm Trail Association Board

Responsible for the physical property, building maintenance, exhibits, and tourism.

Chair: Julie Mckinney

Vice-Chair: LoisDawn Jones

Treasurer: Barbara Braught

Secretary: Mike Smith

Members: Anthony Signer and Tanner Cline

Assistant Director | Education Director: Leah Mulkey


    Have you ever considered serving on the Board of Directors? The Chisholm Trail Heritage Center recruits Board members for two 3-year terms. Steps to becoming a Board Member include the following:

    • Establish a pattern of financial giving to the Center i.e. become a member. Your level of giving is not as important as your continued support.
    • Share your skills as a volunteer in a task team and at our events. While dollars keep the doors open, our people make us great!
    • We require a diverse set of skills on the Board. While all of our members are fantastic, we simply can’t have a Board comprised of all Bankers, or all Attorneys, or all Artists, or all Cowboys at one time.
    • If you are interested in serving this iconic institution, have a discussion with one of the current board members or call our Leah Mulkey at 580-252-6692 to learn more.