Jerome Tiger

Nine original works of art by Jerome Tiger (1941-67) were on display during July and August 2017, at the Chisholm Trail Heritage Center & Garis Gallery of the American West.
Tiger was born July 8, 1941, in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. He died August 13, 1967; and 2017 was the 50th anniversary of his death. Jerome Tiger was a Creek-Seminole.
He only painted for five years, but left a legacy of work that continues to impact the Indian art world and Oklahoma history. Three of these pieces are in the Garis collection. They are, “Grandma” “Indian Justice” and “A Walk Through the Great Mysteries (of Life).”

Jerome Tiger painted “Indian Justice” in 1964. It is tempera, 14 x 20-inches, and is matted and framed. Tiger was known for cutting his own mats and applying precise details to the matting and framing of his art.

The other six pieces that were in this exclusive exhibit are owned by private collectors and have not been available for public viewing since they were purchased in 1966 – at a reception and show for Tiger, held at the Security National Bank in Duncan. That bank no longer exists.
Dwayne Brittain, Betty and Jerry Whitten, and Jamie and Butch Whitten, all of Duncan, and all longtime CTHC members, loaned their Tiger originals for this temporary exhibit. A last minute surprise, “The Last Hunt” was added to the show on July 19 – from Bill and Barbara Armitstead of Duncan. Barbara was the marketing coordinator for SNB and was instrumental in arranging the exhibit and reception in 1966.

Exhibit in the Garis Gallery of the American West featuring the art of Jerome Tiger (1941-67), during the summer of 2017.