Kelli Brown

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The Photography of Kelli Brown: of the historic R.A. Brown Ranch

June 1 – August 12, 2016
Artist Reception June 9th

Dramatic landscapes, cowboys, cowgirls and horses – all part of the everyday life on the historic working ranch of the R.A. Brown Ranch in Throckmorton, Texas – captured through the lens of Kelli Brown. Originally from Nebraska, now a dedicated Texas cowgirl and co-owner with her husband, Donnell, of this ranch, we are excited to welcome Kelli for this summer exhibit. Kelli has studied under western master photographer, the late David Stoecklein. The ranch has also been featured by the Smithsonian. The history of the ranch will be a part of this exhibit.
Kelli was a National FFA president, attending school in Nebraska, when she was fortunate to transfer to Oklahoma State University to continue her education. Two years later, Donnell became the National FFA president and they began dating. They are now fifth-generation ranchers, with a sixth-generation investment that continues the legacy of this 121-year operation. Kelli’s photography portrays the everyday life ranch operations.
“David Stoecklein, he definitely had an influence on my passion and the kind of photos I take,” Kelli says. Her work is also used for marketing in the beef industry and for ranch operations.
“Our family has been highly involved in FFA. We count it as a privilege, to be involved, and in the beef industry.”
Kelli’s leadership continues, along with being a mom and wife. Among her many leadership positions over the years, she also served on the Red Angus Board for eight years, with two of those as president.


One of Kelli’s original images featured in her show.

Exhibit Feature Article: Kelli Brown is living the American Cowgirl dream: one of hard work, savvy business acumen, and of course, a love story.
Kelli’s story began as a girl in Nebraska, with few twists & turns, bringing her to Oklahoma,and then landing her in Texas on one of the most historic ranches – the R.A. Brown Ranch, est. 1895.
In high school, she was so involved in the FFA chapter, she rose to the ranks of National FFA President.
A series of events led her to transfer to Oklahoma State University. Along the way, she met Donnell, son of Peggy and Rob Brown, owners of the R.A. Brown Ranch. Kelli and Donnell were the first two National FFA officers to marry, she says. They had two sons, Tucker and Lanham. Living in Throckmorton, Texas, there weren’t many photographers and Kelli wanted to capture her sons’ activities.
She enjoyed photography so much, that she began taking workshops with David. R. Stoecklein, so she could shoot life on the ranch. She also stayed involved in the ranching industry – serving on the Red Angus Board of Directors (6 years, 3 on executive); director & secretary for Texas Red Angus Association; various Red Angus Association of America (RAAA) committees and even representing RAAA on its Genetic Performance Solutions Board of Directors.  In 2008, the RAAA elected her as president. The R.A. Brown Ranch is now 121 years old and its legacy endures fluctuations of economics and Mother Nature, along with other issues that impact cattle and livestock producers.  The R.A. Brown Ranch history includes Holland and Quarter Horses, Red Angus, Angus, Sim-Angus.

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