Our People, Our Land, Our Images

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Our People, Our Land, Our Images

Native American photographic art exhibition

Jan. 11, 2016 – March 1, 2016

This photographic exhibition features the work of indigenous artists from North America, Peru, Iraq, and New Zealand. The exhibition is distinctive in its historical reach, including newly discovered 19th Century trailblazers, members of the next generation of emerging photographers, and well-established contemporary practitioners.

Our People, Our Land, Our Images exhibit enticed viewers to explore as they passed by the exhibit room.

Our People, Our Land, Our Images has been carefully constructed as a first person, indigenous account—this curatorial approach is reflected in the choices of photographers and their subjects, the catalogue essayists, and thoughtfully designed exhibition collateral. Reflecting contemporary trends, the photographs vary in style, from straightforward documentary accounts to
aesthetically altered images combining overlays and collage. They stand united, however, in how they convey their makers’ connections to the land, community, and traditions. Artists’ statements, which appear in the catalogue and on the gallery walls, convey the plurality of the indigenous voices and their concerns.

National exhibit finds place in Duncan CTHC Our people db 1.15.16