Technology of the West

Technology of the West: Cowboy Tools of the Trade
June 1 – Aug. 22, 2017

Discover the history behind cowboy tools, their clothes and other necessary items they needed to do their jobs on the trail. Learn about the Chisholm Trail, during its 150th anniversary. This exhibit was curated and displayed by our Executive Director, Stacy Cramer Moore. It features large posters with elements of design from the fashion to the tools that cowboys used. It also has several pieces of art from the Garis Gallery of the American West collection which correspond with the posters and information.

Additional elements include the large horse mannequin, vintage saddles provided by the Butch Whitten Family, and a real bedroll, cowboy boots and more. 

Art curated includes:
“Buffalo Bill Cody” by Louis Shipshee;
“Cowboy in Snowstorm (1971)” by Larson;
“Western Town” by William Bailey;
“Cowboy with Saddle (1976)” by D.T. Yates;
the Seven Families sculpture (1989) by Gary Henry.

“Western Town” by William Bailey

“Buffalo Bill Cody” by Louis Shipshee

“Cowboy with Saddle (1976)” by D.T. Yates

“Cowboy in Snowstorm (1971)” by Larson

The Seven Families sculpture ca. 1989, by Gary Henry