Dylan Cavin

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Featured artist is inspired by Oklahoma wildlife, Choctaw heritage

Bison drawings and paintings dominate Dylan Cavin’s show this holiday season and his work is quickly finding its way into private collections of our members and visitors. Inspiration is found in Oklahoma wildlife, including quails, owls and the Longhorn. When painting people, he focuses on his Choctaw heritage and friends or fashion – for example, the painting of Gabby’s Basket (sold!) features the traditional Choctaw dress.
“I wanted to capture a little girl that helps define the Choctaw culture and also wanted to help the viewer be able to envision this girl as someone that they may know. This is why the image is cropped the way it is (headless).
Some of his ink work is on documents from his grandfather’s estate. He uses authentic ledger papers, maps and bank notes, indicative of the area and subject.
How does success happen for Dylan? “Foremost, I think it is important to sell, as an artist I feel like that gives you a good mark of what you are doing is attractive to the public and is reassuring you to create more. I don’t want to come off as sounding like that’s the only thing I’m about or that I do not create for myself. I just feel like that is one of the biggest compliments you can give an artist is to buy their art and hang it in your home.” Dylan works full-time as a graphic design artist, and creates his personal projects at night and weekends.
Dylan’s work was cover art of the July/August 2012 Oklahoma Today magazine. Since then, Dylan’s art has gained popularity across the country. Multiple shows keep him busy and in addition to creating work for his exhibit at the Heritage Center, he was prepping for the Smithsonian’s National Museum of The American Indians Holiday Art Market in New York City, December 2015. He has placed first at Cahokia in 2d, has earned honorable mention at Indian Market for a drawing, and a first at SEASAM in graphics, among other awards.
Dylan and his wife, Lindsay, attended the art reception held in his honor, November 7. Both Dylan and Lindsay were extremely satisfied with the exhibition.
Exhibition Team included Jordan Santos, a part-time docent and a junior at Duncan High School, Toni Hopper, PR & Marketing Coordinator, and Leah Mulkey, Education Coordinator.
The Art of Dylan Cavin continues through Jan. 6, 2016.