Tales from the Trails

Series # 16

Stock Raisers held meeting at Graham City for their first organizational meeting in 1877. During the 1870’s as the livestock industry began to develop in Texas and the southwest, thieves ran off thousands of dollars worth of livestock, creating great havo…read more »

Series # 11

The smell of burning hide and hair was part of branding with a hot iron in the past as it is today. Ranchers and farmers alike know that personal identification of their livestock was and is critical to slowing their loses due to thief….read more »

Series # 10

In the old west having a horse was often needed to survival. However, occasional thieves took what wasn’t theirs and as in the following story, when they were caught justice was extremely painful. This was reported in The Texas Live Stock Journal date…read more »

Series # 9

Horses were vital to driving cattle up the trail during the 1860’s through the 1880’s and when a thief decided to take what wasn’t his, justice was often very painful….read more »

Series # 8

The Texas Live Stock Journal for Saturday, December 1, 1883 announced….read more »

Series # 7

Rattlesnakes on giant Texas King Ranch were a common sight. For every famous name that has been associated with the west, there are thousands of forgotten people who rode the dust choking cattle trails….read more »

Series # 6

Colonel C. C. Slaughter – giant Texas rancher was interviewed while visiting Chicago. His comments appeared in the “TEXAS LIVE STOCK JOURNAL SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 30, 1882…read more »

Series # 5

PART II OF WHAT IS A MAVERICK? This is a follow-up to a story entitled ORIGIN OF THE TERM MAVERICK, appearing in the “Texas Live Stock Journal” dated May 1906…read more »

Series # 4

Cattle owners are desperate–Texas Fever carried by longhorns crossing into the state of Kansas caused great losses to livestock producers. Something had to be done! As a result, the following notice to drovers appeared in the “Kansas City Live Stock Indi…read more »

Series # 3

The following appeared in TEXAS LIVE STOCK JOURNAL , Fort Worth, Texas Saturday May 10, 1884- Vernon Guard: COW THIEVES KILLING COWS…read more »

Series # 2

Colonel C. C. Slaughter – Answers a few questions – TEXAS LIVESTOCK JOURNAL, September 30, 1882…read more »

Series # 1

TEXAS LIVESTOCK JOURNAL, AUGUST 25, 1883–reported a story from the “St. Louis Post-Dispatch.”…read more »