The Heritage Center staff and volunteer docents are identified with name badges. If you have any problems or questions, they are here to help you. Please listen and respond respectfully to all requests made by the staff or docents. Upon arrival, please dispose of water bottles, food and gum before entering the museum. Please turn off cell phones before entering the facility.

  1. Please move through the Heritage Center quietly and in a single file. Since other visitors may be present at the Heritage Center during your visit, we know it is important to you that they also have an enjoyable educational experience. Please walk at all times. Please use quiet voices so others may hear.
  2. Certain areas of the Heritage Center are labeled with signs asking visitors to pull or touch them. Do not touch or pull any part of the Heritage Center that does not invite you to do so, especially the animatronics in the Campfire Theater, the animals in the Ecology of the Trail, any plant-life in any of the exhibits, and the items in the Duncan Store. Also, please do not touch paintings or sculptures on display anywhere in the Heritage Center, especially in the “Garis Gallery of the American West.”
  3. During the educational portion of the program our instructors will be teaching you. We know that you will give them the same respect and attention that you give your classroom teacher.
  4. If lunch is scheduled during your visit – please bring your own lunch. Please deposit your trash and clean the lunch area before returning to the building. No food or drinks are allowed inside the facility. Special plans will be made in case of weather.
  5. We know that your class will work together to leave the Heritage Center as you found it so that you and other classes will continue to have fun while learning about the art, music and history of the Chisholm Trail.

Please have each student and adult wear name tags.