Chaperone Expectations

While we do not require chaperones, if you have parents who will be coming with you, please give each parent a copy.
Chaperone Expectations
Our busy mobile lives sometime require the use of a cellphone during your visit.  Please do not take calls during a session.  Please do not text, email or facebook while seated in a session.  If the need arises to use your mobile device, please remove yourself from the area first.

  1. Our staff will lead the group during their visit. We ask that chaperones follow at the end of the line to monitor students’ behavior.
  2. Accompany any student who needs to leave the group for personal or medical assistance.
  3. Refrain from talking to other adults and/or on cell phones during the session.
  4. If your school requests Gift Shop time, the CTHC has a process in place to handle your group.  Please shop at the designated time.
  5. Adults are required to pay admission fees:   Education Session $5.00 each

Your students will be in organized sessions during their visit to the Heritage Center.  These sessions are carefully planned to best use the time while in our facility.  Please do not take your student to another area.  The groups rotate, and all students will have all experiences.
Younger children are always welcome, but please take them out of the session to another part of the museum or outside if they become restless.  Most schools are on site for about 2 hours, which is a long time for some of our smallest guests.
Should you have further questions, please feel free to contact:
Leah Mulkey
Education Coordinator