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Donate to our Education Program

Our mission is to inspire youth with history and art to empower them with historical empathy – fostering tomorrow’s leaders. We envision lifelong learners who have been exposed to a diversity of ideas, peoples, places, and time periods.

School trips provide an opportunity for students to do and see things they might not be able to experience in their family life. However, many schools have reduced funds and school trips are one of the first things to be cut from budgets. In order for children to receive the education they deserve; we are asking you to support these students’ learning opportunities by donating today.

Your gift will become an integral part of a participating student’s experience, whether you are providing art supplies, bus stipends, admission fees or supporting our education staff.

The Impact of Your Gift

$25 – Helps provide art supplies for a field trip

$55 – Helps provide a field trip opportunity for four students

$100 – Helps provide a virtual field trip for one classroom

$250 – Helps provide bus stipends for one Title I school

$500 – Helps provide summer education programs

$1,000 – Helps maintain exhibit excellence and updates

$2,500 – Helps support the work of our museum educators for two weeks

$5,000 – Helps provide a field trip for 15 Title I schools

Thank you! As a non-profit, The Chisholm Trail Heritage Center relies on tax deductible donations from generous supporters like you. A gift of any amount, or any type, is sincerely appreciated and will help our center continue to not only preserve Oklahoma’s history and art, but to inspire learning through discovery. Your donation will permit disadvantaged students to participate in an enriching field trip where they will engage in the history and art of the Chisholm Trail in their own unique way.

Donate to our Diversity on the Trail Exhibit

We are excited for the new year and new additions to our Center.  A vital part of our Heritage Center is telling stories of who we are, who we’ve been, and how we all live together.  We want the opportunity to tell stories with diverse perspectives by representing multiple ethnic groups and their culture’s history along the trail.    Our new “Diversity on the Trail” exhibit, updated education lessons, and additions to our Garis Gallery of the American West will help us in telling these stories.  These additions to our Center will expand our reach and ensure we connect with individuals from all races and ethnicities.

Of the estimated thirty-five thousand cowboys who worked the ranches and rode the trails in the late 1800’s, 1 out of every 3 cowboys were either Black or Hispanic. To fully celebrate and perpetuate the history and culture of the Chisholm Trail, we need to tell the stories of the Black, Native American, and Hispanic cowboys, and their contributions to the trail.

“Diversity on the Trail” will open in January 2023, and you can help us achieve our goal by participating in our end of year campaign.  Your donation will go toward a “Diversity on the Trail” reader rail (paid in part by The Williams Companies), signage, and a new bronze sculpture by LaQuincey Reed for our Garis Gallery. Together, these will help us tell a more diverse story. Thank you in advance for your contribution.