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From Fort Marion to Fort Sill


From Fort Marion to Fort Sill: A Documentary History of the Chiricahua Apache Prisoners of War, 1886-1913, edited and annotated by Alicia Delgadillo with Miriam A. Perrett.

432 pages, Hardback with jacket. 2013–University of Nebraska Press

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From Fort Marion to Fort Sill: A Documentary History of the Chiricahua Apache Prisoners of War, 1886-1913.  Hundreds of men, women and children lived and died as prisoners of war in Florida,  Alabama and Oklahoma during this time period. For nearly 100 years, these individuals have nearly been forgotten, only remembered as statistics in the history of the United States tumultuous war against the Chiricahua Apache.


Based on extensive archival research, this book is a documentation to the lives and fate of these people. Individual biographies, some in detail, others just the basics of name, birth, death and ancestry, are listed – poignant, revealing, along with more than 60 previously unpublished photographs provide a closer, personal look at who these prisoners of war were.


This book also has many ledger drawings and photographs of Apache art, including color plates of this art. This book belongs in the home of any Chiricahua Apache descendant. A valuable resource of information.  This book is based on the unpublished research notes of former Fort Sill historian Gillett Griswold.


About the editors: Delgadillo was a senior program coordinator of the Native American Research & Training Center at the University of Arizona College of Medicine.  Perrett worked as a systems librarian at the University of Wales.

Only one in stock. No plans to restock.

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