Ghost Towns of Oklahoma


Author:  John W. Morris
Softcover, 230 pages

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During Oklahoma’s time, from Indian Territory days through statehood (150 years), an estimated 2,000 communities have sprouted up and many faded away – leaving no marks of existence. You can find some ghostly marks of a few –mounds of rubble grown over with grass or crumbling walls of buildings. In this book, some 130 towns are recognized by the author, who shares some historical background.

“A cache of information, wit, priceless vintage photographs and just plain fun,” says the Oklahoman. National Prospectors Gazette hails it as one of the most fascinating ghost town books, noting that adventure ghost hunters and “All Okies” should own a copy.

John W. Morris was professor of geography at the University of Oklahoma and has written numerous books. Softcover, 229 pages.

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