Haunted Norman Oklahoma


Haunted Norman Oklahoma, by Jeff Provine delivers not only ghostly happenings in the city of Norman, which is home to the University of Oklahoma, but also great history of the state. Short chapters make this a perfect book to carry with you and read when you only have a few minutes here and there. It will also give you some great stories to retell your friends.



Haunted Norman Oklahoma by Jeff Provine

Haunted Norman Oklahoma is one of Jeff Provine’s books centered around the ghostly happenings in the city of Norman, which is also home to the University of Oklahoma.

Since Norman’s inception more than 120 years ago as a college town, it has gathered a shadowy history and more than a few residents who refuse to leave and Haunted Norman Oklahoma delivers.  This book is filled with great tales, newspaper clippings and images that add to the mystery and drama of ghost stories. There’s tales of haunting in the old post office, a meat packing plant and more. We like the rich history provided as you delve into the chapter on the Jacobson House. This chapter, titled “Everlasting Art”  leaves you wanting to experience the happy ghost presence that inhabits the house. This  book also provides numerous references to the history of Oklahoma.

OU Professor Jeff Provine sheds light on some of the darker corners of this historic campus and the secrets that reside there.


Softcover, 140 pages, published 2014

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