Haunted Southwest


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Ghoulish tales of the wild west can be found in “Haunted Southwest,” by Alan Brown, from the Haunted America series.
Copyright, 2016, softcover, 126 pages.


Haunted Southwest, by Alan Brown, from the Haunted America series, offers readers some ghoulish tales of the wild west, in this 2016 edition.

Throughout the Southwest, ghostly fiends and tragic figures creep in the shadows of some of the most popular and historic spots. Phantom battle cries ring across the wide prairie, spectral forms makr mountain passages and the chilled desert night is made even colder by the ghostly visits of those lost on the wild and unpredictable frontier.


Author Alan Brown takes readers on a spooky trip through Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas and Utah. Narratives of jilted lovers, lonesome cowboys, duty-bound soldiers, bold outlaws, Hispanic entrepreneurs and displaced Native Americans offer drama of a different time.

Measures 6-inches by 9-inches, softcover, 126 pages.

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