Images of America: Cherokee Strip Land Rush


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Cherokee Strip Land Rush, from the Images of America series, edited by Jay M. Price.
Softcover, 127 pages.


From the Images of America series, Cherokee Strip Land Rush, tells the story of the change of landscape in Indian Territory, as settlers moved in to what is now the state of Oklahoma. Edited by Jay M. Price, it offers history through text and images. Not only is it an accounting through photographs, but also land plats, newspaper clippings and excerpts from such noted historical documents as the Dawes Severalty Act of 1887.


“Up to our own day American history has been in a large degree the history of the colonization of the Great West. The existence of an area of free land, its continuous recession, and the advance of American settlement westward explain American development.” – Frederick Jackson Turner, July 12, 1893.


With today’s extremely visual-demanding and busy society, this book could easily become a valuable educational resource for teachers and those wanting to learn more about Oklahoma history. Divided into chapters, with a brief one-page description for the reader, the book is primarily centered on images and captions. This allows busy readers the option of getting deeply absorbed into the book or just looking and reading when little time is available.

Softcover, 127 pages. Made in the USA


The Images of America series celebrates the history of neighborhoods, towns and cities across the country. Archival photographs are used in the books, complemented by stories and quotes.



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