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all-day Sandy Magrath: Dogs of the South...
Sandy Magrath: Dogs of the South...
May 1 – Jun 30 all-day
Sandy Magrath: Dogs of the Southwest
Inspired by the designs of pottery and blankets of the southwest, Sandy Magrath paints “happy dog art!” Large canvases and bright acrylic paints provide her with the tools she needs to create these works of[...]

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Chisholm Trail 150




Movements, a collaborative art and poetry book by Larry Gillette, artist; and Cindy Parks, poem author.

12 paintings, 24 pages, Hardcover.

Autographed edition.

“When you eliminate art from the community, you eliminate the community.” – Larry Gillette, artist


This art and poetry book is a collaboration between two Duncan artists – Larry Gillette, painter, and Cindy Parks, who wrote the poem. A third artist, Martha Burger, photographed the art of Gillette for the final book. Layout and Design credit: Joel Wayde Parks.

Gillette never names his paintings, choosing to let the viewer discover their own interpretation of what they see in his fluid, abstract paintings. In some, the viewer may see an ocean, or a volcano. Others may just enjoy the paintings for the color and movement. Originally from Anadarko, he moved to Duncan just over 20 years ago, which allows him to spend more time painting. Larry’s work has been featured at the Chisholm Trail Heritage Center. This book features 12 paintings by Gillette, with the poem on each facing page.


Cindy Parks taught in the public school system for more than 30 years, always including art in her lessons. Married to Kenny Parks, they have three sons, Sam, Blake and Joel, who are all artists/songwriters.

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