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all-day Sandy Magrath: Dogs of the South...
Sandy Magrath: Dogs of the South...
May 1 – Jun 30 all-day
Sandy Magrath: Dogs of the Southwest
Inspired by the designs of pottery and blankets of the southwest, Sandy Magrath paints “happy dog art!” Large canvases and bright acrylic paints provide her with the tools she needs to create these works of[...]

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Chisholm Trail 150


Oklahoma Bison postcard


American Plains Bison postcard

Oklahoma photographer John Southern captures the portrait of an American Plains Bison. Postcard printed in Oklahoma. A great souvenir.

American Plains Bison postcard

American Plains Bison, often standing 6 feet tall and weighing nearly 2,000 pounds, inhabited the plains at more than 60,000,000 when the white man moved west. In response to diminishing population, conservation that began around 1900, continues to ensure the survival of the species. Buffalo are located in the Wichita Mountains range, near Lawton, a 40 minute drive from Duncan. Photograph by John Southern of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Printed in Oklahoma.

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