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Oklahoma Prairie Tales


Autographed by the author, Kelly Poland.

85 pages, Hardcover. Published January 2016.

“Oklahoma Prairie Tales: Mostly True Stories My Grandma Told Me” is written by Oklahoma author, Kelly Poland.


Kelly’s introduction sets the heartwarming tone for this delightful book. {Are you read for an old-fashioned ‘buckboard’ ride? Just close your eyes and pretend we’re sitting on an old-time buckboard. The buckboard is being pulled by a couple of big, ornery mules, and we’re bouncing along a lane of hard-packed dirt, way back in my Grandma’s time.}


The mostly true stories from another time, include “A Cowboy, a Cranky Cow .. in the ‘Real’ Wild West” or “Days of Floods … Times of Fear” or “The Challenge of Visiting Friends … in a Thunderstorm.” The stories were those from Kelly’s grandmother, compiled and shared in this tribute to the Depression Days and early settlement of Oklahoma.

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