Pioneer Women: The Lives of Women on the Frontier


Author: Linda Peavy & Ursula Smith

144 pages. Illustrations, Photography, Text.

Published 1996.


A captivating preface details the intriguing cover of this book.

“Who is the woman whose photograph graces the cover and title page of this book? We can tell you the name of the male photographer – Joseph E. Stimson … the book begins. Peavy & Smith then weave the tale of the photographer and every detail about the photo, including the two types of wheat in which the woman and child stand – because the photo was not about the people, but instead about the wheat. The woman and child were merely props for Stimson.

This book delves into the women of the west – what roles they played and how they helped shape the American West. And how for many years, these women who were so vital to America’s history, were also largely ignored in history books.

Drawing upon unpublished diaries, memoirs, and letters as well as upon the growing number of such papers that have found their way into print, we have sought to let these women speak for themselves, the authors share.  The book is filled with photographs, illustrations and advertisements that show the history of women as they forged into new territories.


“This ‘patchword’ of women’s words and pictures captures the pioneer experience memorably and elegantly. Just as a quilt is made up of many small pieces, this book is based on a multitude of individual stories and a rich range of source material. …. This is a book to enjoy and learn from. Like an heirloom quilt, this is a book to be treasured.” — Susan Armitage, co-editor of “The Women’s West” and “Writing the Range.”

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