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Free Art Monday summer program @ Chisholm Trail Heritage Center
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Free Art Monday summer program @ Chisholm Trail Heritage Center
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Log of a Cowboy bookLog of a Cowboy book

The Log of a Cowboy


The Log of a Cowboy: A Narrative of the Old Trail Days by Andy Adams
Andy Adams spent 12 years in the saddle, then wrote his story. The book is from his text first published in 1903.

It’s been a few years since this book was available in our gift shop, so we’re saying it’s “new” again. Added to our inventory in 2019.
A great read!

Out of stock

The Log of a Cowboy: A Narrative of the Old Trail Days

Author: Andy Adams


This book, reproduced (1964) from an edition published first in 1903, draws high praises from reviewers and fellow cowboy western authors. “The Log of a Cowboy is the finest piece of literature that the cattle-county has produced.” – Douglas Branch in “The Cowboy and His Interpreters”
“If all other books on trail-driving were destroyed, a reader could still get a just and authentic conception of trail men, trail work, range cattle, cow horses, and the cow country in general from “The Log of a Cowboy.” – J. Frank Dobie in Guide to Life and Literature of the Old Southwest



Also convincing is this review:

“Since the movie producers have little regard for actuality, we must look to literature to preserve the truth of the cattle trail era for us … Andy Adams did it excellently well when he wrote The Log of a Cowboy. Adams spent 12 years in the saddle in Texas. He began writing when broke after seeing a ludicrous and false depiction of cattle range life … The Log of a Cowboy is the work of a realist.” – The New Republic


Adams writes as if he’s having a conversation around the campfire or dinner table. He begins his story telling of his parents being “foreign born” – mother being a Scotch, and his father as a north of Ireland man. He ponders how his father moved the family from Georgia to Texas after the Civil War. He claims his entry into cowboy life began when he was only eight, during the Civil War. His mother was trying to feed her seven children and it was up to the youngsters to hide the cattle from Sherman’s troops.  Adams tells the story in great detail of hiding his cattle.

The text flows easily and you can create your own image of Adams as a young boy hiding from soldiers. His story is captivating so that you will want to keep reading to the end.

Softcover, 387 pages.

Illustrated by E. Boyd Smith
University of Nebraska Press

Cover: Rounding Up by N.C. Wyeth, Courtesy of the Buffalo Bill Historical Center, Cody, WY. Cover design by Roger Buchholz.

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