What Will You Give Me To Boot, Autobiography of John Sharp


Author: John Sharp
Softcover. 217 pages; 2012 Red Deck Publishing.


At age 7, John Sharp traded a knife and toy truck he made, to another boy for a donkey. When he was 9, he traded for a Choctaw pony and foal, and began his career as a horse trainer.


Autobiography of John Sharp, a Duncan, Oklahoma cowboy, who pursued his cowboy dreams to Oregon and back is compiled by his daughter, Linda Sharp. He returned to Oklahoma by freight train so he could keep his promise to his mother to finish his education. Later, he learned about the large cattle ranches in Oregon and went back to the Pacific Northwest. He worked as a wrangler.


John lived to be 94 years old and had plenty of stories to share. For locals familiar with Stephens County, there are plenty of familiar names and places. There are also letters written by John to his wife, Pat, when he lived in Oregon and was courting her, providing more personal insight into Sharp as a young boy in love in the 1940s.
Softcover. 217 pages; 2012 Red Deck Publishing.

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