When you visit, one of the first things our front desk services (that’s tour guides and gift shop staff!) will do is ask where you are from – sometimes they get a “I live across the street” and other times, they’ll hear some remote region of the world mentioned. If you’ve been here, they probably asked how you heard about us. Usually it’s from seeing our website or social media, or a brochure or from a member, friend or family. In fact, that’s the leading reason for guests visiting. Sometimes guests have discovered the Heritage Center through travel bloggers.

When you share how much fun you had here, others naturally want to see and experience the same adventure.  Every once in awhile, we hear some extremely unique responses.

“We heard about you on a plane traveling from London.” Yes, it’s true!

Our welcome staff jots down every region mentioned, along with a few other notes. After the first of the new year, the information is reviewed. Here’s what we discovered in 2019:

States with most visitors to the Heritage Center: 

Oklahoma – California – Missouri – Arkansas – Kansas – Colorado – Washington – Florida.

International Visitors:

Canada and Germany (they usually always rank at the top for our destination guests); and then Columbia and London.

We had guests from 28 other countries visit us in 2019.

Travel Guide

You’ll find this ad on page 157 of the new 2020 Oklahoma Travel Guide. You can pick yours up now when you visit us.

Another way visitors discover us is through billboards. Adventure Road has a great one featuring our On the Chisholm Trail Monument, displayed on I-35 south of Ardmore. This attracts quite a bit of attention and sends travelers our way – at least 19 people mentioned they saw a billboard promoting the Heritage Center.

Partnering with Smithsonian Free Day, Adventure Road, Official Best of America, Chickasaw Country, TravelOK and now Museums for All, brings in additional guests. We collected 11 Smithsonian Day coupons and 10 Adventure Road coupons during its summer road trip giveaway program. Others find us through their stay at the wonderful Lindley House Bed and Breakfast inn. (If you stay there, be sure to ask Cecil for a coupon that provides a $1 off admission while you are in town.)

And, we had two visitors who used their ROAM and NARM memberships. If you join the Heritage Center as a member at the $125 level, you also receive the ROAM and NARM stickers which allow you to visit other participating museums around the world, for free!

Our exhibits featuring local artists and in 2019, the traveling Bison exhibit, attracted hundreds of guests from around the State of Oklahoma. We’re hearing more and more visitors tell us they heard from other museums and travel/welcome centers about us. Triple AAA brochures, maps, local fairground events and traditional media such as TV, radio and newspapers and magazines are all avenues guests are discovering the Chisholm Trail Heritage Center.